Close Up Pics, Guessing the word from the zoomed in photo quiz, is a popular word game in UK. What you are gonna do here is guess the contains of closed up picture puzzles as fast as you can do. You don’t have to register yourselves to have fun with this game. It is simple, fun, entertaining, amusing, and addictive game. You also will get your brain working out in fun and addictive ways. I have played this game and have completed some levels and this time I will give you Close Up Pics Level 23 Answers and Cheats for you.

Here are the answers and cheats for Close Up Pics Level 23 for you:

Level 23-1 answer: Cake tin

Level 23-2 answer: Straigteners

Level 23-3 answer: Squirrel

Level 23-4 answer: Steering wheel

Level 23-5 answer: Cupcake

Level 23-6 answer: Acorn

Level 23-7 answer: Crane

Level 23-8 answer: Chefs hat

Level 23-9 answer: Stadium

Level 23-10 answer: Profiteroles

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