4 Pics 1 Movie - Is watching movies included in one of your hobbies? Do you think that you have watched all the movies till the latest one? It is time to prove it!
In this game you will see 4 screenshots and 1 movie name, can you guess it? It’s time to start playing the game, complete all the levels, get coins and compete with your friends on facebook and show them how many movies you have seen. There are hundreds of movies, multiple levels and more to come in each free update.
You will get help by using hints and post on facebook to ask it from your friends. I have played this game and have completed some levels and this time I will give you 4 Pics 1 Movie Level 5 Answers and Cheats for you.

4 pics 1 song - 4 pics 1 movie

Here are the answers and cheats for 4 Pics 1 Movie Level 5 for you:

Level 5-1 answer: The Green Hornet

Level 5-2 answer: Hugo

Level 5-3 answer: The Help

Level 5-4 answer: Rio

Level 5-5 answer: Green Lantern

Level 5-6 answer: Bridesmaids

Level 5-7 answer: War Horse

Level 5-8 answer: Tangled

Level 5-9 answer: Tron Legacy

Level 5-10 answer: Black Swan

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